Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I make it, I will eat it.

I made philly cheesesteaks for me and the man. I made it and I ate it.

I suck.

The end.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am trying to stick to the healthy diet but I am finding it very restrictive. I eat chicken in some form every night. Lunch was catered in today but I think I did pretty good. I had a wrap and baked chips and a diet soda. My hubby and I haven't eaten out any this week and that is a feat for us (LOL).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Second Weigh In!

So I just weighed in and it is 320. I gained 1/2 a lb. I believe that though. I blame it on the curse of the McRib and the mutiny of the hubby against plain baked chicken every night. I will get back on the wagon guys!! Starting today!!! I will not get discouraged... I will prevail.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Curse of the McRib

I caved.. the commercials got to me!!! I couldn't take it anymore...

I had to have the riby, oniony, bbqy goodness... and then I had to have the fries to accompany it.. and a Dr. Pepper.. and then the second one was only a dollar.. so I had to have it for lunch the next day....

and it was SO GOOD... I'm going to pretend it never happened... and this message will self destruct in 3...2...1

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday update

I have found that I cannot absolutely cannot diet on the weekends. So I have decided to just eat in moderation on those days. Which is actually just Saturday night and Sunday.

Sunday we ate Chinese food for lunch. I had some chicken and a very small portion of Fried Rice. I know it wasn't good for me but I am the kind of person that if I don't eat what I am craving so bad that I will continue to graze forever. So I indulged in Chinese food but I didn't eat anything else until after church at dinner time.

Well, for dinner we had mexican food... i know, i know so bad!!!!! I had way too much Mexican food but I am just going to pull myself up and keep on going. Everyday is a new day!! I find it easiest for me to think of calories kinda like the bank. Everyday I get 2000 calories deposited into my account. If I don't use them all no big deal but I lose them BUT if I go over then it doesn't matter because I get a whole new set of calories the next day. Does that make sense?

Well I was back on my diet yesterday and did pretty well! I had my egg and toast for breakfast. PB and J on wheat for lunch and chicken and veggies for supper with yogurt and fruit mixed all in there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Weigh In!!

I just weighed in for this week (I have to do it at work because I refuse to get a scale at home, when I had one at home I weighed every few minutes). I weighed in a 319.5 that is 5 1/2 lbs I lost this week!!! YAY!!! I am so excited and it makes it all worth it!!! I know I probably won't lose this much every week but it is a great start!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Resisting the Chunky Monkey!!

I am going grocery shopping tonight. It will be a battle but I WILL win!!!

I will not buy
cupcakes even though they yell my name like a siren song
anything in the bakery
chips, namely dorritos
Christmas decorations (i know that is not diet related but still)

ice cream

I will buy
100 calorie packs
wheat bread

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ode to the Cupcake

Oh frostingy yumminess that that is cupcake..

oh how your soft icing peaks seduce me...

i dream of biting into our sweet goodness..

sprinkles? oh yes please.. hard little pieces of sugar add to the romance...

oh cupcake why must you torture me!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to the Hamburger

Diet was going really well today!!! Ate only the things on my list, that couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that I slept until 11am could it? Anyhoo, it WAS going well until Austin (Austin = hubby) said those aweful words. You know we are out of chicken right?

WHAT? How could this happen??? Go buy more!! I cannot trust myself to eat anything but CHICKEN for supper!!!! Alas, we don't have any money. *sob*

So Austin made hamburger steaks and salad. Okay salad = good thing. But I LOVE ground beef!! No matter what form it comes in it is YUMMO to quote Rachel Ray (recipe princess). Don't you just love Rachel Ray?? She makes these awesome recipes and all in 30 minutes but there isn't one thing she makes that I would make. I mean who really uses fresh ginger? Anyway I digress....

So I had a big salad in hopes that I could resist the siren call of the hamburger but it was in vein. I had three of them. Which I am sure is at least 2 servings... but then I didn't eat anything else and I am not going to until morning. So there! Take that hamburger gods of yummy goodness...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi I'm Lola Piper and this is my weight loss blog. I started my diet yesterday at 325 lbs. That is the biggest I have been in my life. Not that I have ever been tiny in my life.
I came into this world a respectable 6lbs and 15 ounces. I decided at age 7 that I was fat and it became a self profilling prophesy. I rose to a size 20 before I was old enough to realize that W in my skirts stood for Women's instead of Wide (yeah I actually thought I wore a 20 Wide).

I have since discovered that I wasn't fat then but I most asuredly am now, and I say fat not to be ugly but to honestly state the facts so that I may grow and become a better, healthier person.

I have yo-yo's only slightly my life. When I took a very physical job after unemployment I fit back into those 20 wide's but haven't seen them again since. I have recently gotten married and started cooking for myself and my emancipated husband. He has never in his life had a weight problem. He has actually been underweight most of his life. He has gained some since he married me but is still way too thing in my opinion.

I logged into webMD to try and find some help and discovered that I should be taking in about 2000 calories at this time to lose weight. So I found a suggested diet online (that I will post here soon) and started yesterday to follow it. With very little slip ups (blueberry wafles can substitute for 2 slices of toast and an apple right) so I am hoping that this will be attainable.

I am not hugry but I am craving that comforting tummy full feeling that has been my problem since a very young age. AND I am dreaming of CUPCAKES!!!