Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi I'm Lola Piper and this is my weight loss blog. I started my diet yesterday at 325 lbs. That is the biggest I have been in my life. Not that I have ever been tiny in my life.
I came into this world a respectable 6lbs and 15 ounces. I decided at age 7 that I was fat and it became a self profilling prophesy. I rose to a size 20 before I was old enough to realize that W in my skirts stood for Women's instead of Wide (yeah I actually thought I wore a 20 Wide).

I have since discovered that I wasn't fat then but I most asuredly am now, and I say fat not to be ugly but to honestly state the facts so that I may grow and become a better, healthier person.

I have yo-yo's only slightly my life. When I took a very physical job after unemployment I fit back into those 20 wide's but haven't seen them again since. I have recently gotten married and started cooking for myself and my emancipated husband. He has never in his life had a weight problem. He has actually been underweight most of his life. He has gained some since he married me but is still way too thing in my opinion.

I logged into webMD to try and find some help and discovered that I should be taking in about 2000 calories at this time to lose weight. So I found a suggested diet online (that I will post here soon) and started yesterday to follow it. With very little slip ups (blueberry wafles can substitute for 2 slices of toast and an apple right) so I am hoping that this will be attainable.

I am not hugry but I am craving that comforting tummy full feeling that has been my problem since a very young age. AND I am dreaming of CUPCAKES!!!

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