Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday update

I have found that I cannot absolutely cannot diet on the weekends. So I have decided to just eat in moderation on those days. Which is actually just Saturday night and Sunday.

Sunday we ate Chinese food for lunch. I had some chicken and a very small portion of Fried Rice. I know it wasn't good for me but I am the kind of person that if I don't eat what I am craving so bad that I will continue to graze forever. So I indulged in Chinese food but I didn't eat anything else until after church at dinner time.

Well, for dinner we had mexican food... i know, i know so bad!!!!! I had way too much Mexican food but I am just going to pull myself up and keep on going. Everyday is a new day!! I find it easiest for me to think of calories kinda like the bank. Everyday I get 2000 calories deposited into my account. If I don't use them all no big deal but I lose them BUT if I go over then it doesn't matter because I get a whole new set of calories the next day. Does that make sense?

Well I was back on my diet yesterday and did pretty well! I had my egg and toast for breakfast. PB and J on wheat for lunch and chicken and veggies for supper with yogurt and fruit mixed all in there.


  1. Definitely think of it that way! If you mess up one day, get up the next day with a resolution to start afresh. You're going to always have off days, but don't beat yourself up over them!

  2. Your doing great! I TOTALLY agree with not depriving yourself of things you LOVE. And watching your portions is a great thing! I think the bank thing is great.

    I get discouraged all the time if I eat something I know I shouldn't and then end up blowing the whole day b/c of it. But I think you have a great attitude and you will meet your goals!